Charles Page Family Village 

The Charles Page Family Village, formerly known as the Widow's Colony, is a program designed to help single mothers get back on their feet.  The women are provided with house, all expenses paid, so that they can attend school and/or work to better their lives and the lives of their children.




Single mothers with at least two children are eligible for services.  The program does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, or religion. 




Women in the program are required to consistenly work to better their lives.  They need to be in school, or working, and their children must be cared for and attending school.  Participants are required to maintain their apartments in satisfactory condition, and follow the rules of the program to be allowed to stay.





Length of Stay


The length of stay is determined on a individual basis with each family in care.  Some women can stay until their youngest child turns 18.




Requirements and Policies

The applicant must be either widowed, divorced, or single with legal custody of two or more children school age or younger, and financially in need of the services offered at the Charles Page Family Village.  The families length of stay is determined based on thier individual need.  Some families are eligible to stay until the last child completes high school at approximately 18 years of age.

Mothers are encouraged to improve their job skills by obtaining additional education and/or employment on a full time basis.

Each resident's progress is periodically reviewed; they are encouraged and challenged to better provide for themselves and their children.


About the Village

The Charles Page Family Village provides homes for 108 families.  The homes are duplexes consisting of two or three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and one or two bathrooms.  All units have central heat.

Sand Springs Schools are in close proximity to the Village.  All children are required to attend school.  Tutoring is offerred for children in need of assistance.

Summer activities include a fun-filled week for the children at Camp Charles on beautiful Grand Lake in Grove, Oklahoma.  The Village also has recreational areas with playground equipment, as well as a swimming pool with lifeguards on duty in the summer.  The mothers and children also have access to the Sand Springs Home Activity Center year-round.  It can serve as an after-schoool program during the school year, and has daily activities in the summer.


Fees for Services

There is no charge for rent or utilities.  Cable television and telephone are the responsibility of the residents.




Application for Services

For more information about services, click on the application link or contact Executive Director Mary Johnson at 918-245-6592.