Sand Springs Children's Home 

The Sand Springs Children's Home provides care to as many as twenty children in two family-style cottages.  Each co-ed cottage, housing ten children, is a haven of security for children who have often experienced an unstable childhood.  Creating an environment of love, support, and care is a part of helping many children to heal from the scars of abuse and neglect.  Sadness begins to give way to hope as children grow toward healthier relationship skills. 

Gottry Hall - Sand Springs Home


Eligibility for Services

Any child ages six to eighteen or sibling groups of children who meet the criteria for placement are eligible for service.  The Home serves children in DHS custody as well as private placements from anywhere in the state of Oklahoma.  Services are offered without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, or to any qualified person on the basis of a handicap.

Because of the Home's family-style cottage setting, we can not serve children who are violent or aggressive, sexually acting out, or who can not be placed in a public school setting. 


Breeding Hall - Sand Springs Home

Fees for Services 

The Sand Springs Home does not charge for its services.  All the services of the Home continue to be funded by the Sand Springs Home Trust.



Children in the Sand Springs Home live with a houseparent couple who provide guidance and supervision.  The staff are professionally trained as residential child care workers and they combine their skill and knowledge with empathy and fairness.

The houseparents focus on teaching the children the skills they will need as they grow toward adulthood and how to be a part of a healthy family group.  The children attend school and participate in a wide variety of extracurricular activities.  The Home tries to help each child develop his or her own unique talents and abilities.

Each child in our care is on an individual plan of care.  When needed, counseling is provided both on campus and in the community.  Our Social Worker coordinates services for both the child and the family.  Some families are referred for family therapy from counselors and agencies in their own community.


Application for Services 

For more information about services, click on the application link or contact Social Worker Courtney Noah at 918-245-6900.