Charles Page


Sand Springs Home is the fulfillment of a childhood promise that Charles Page made to his mother.  One night at the age of 10, Charles watched her crying as she tried to care for him and his siblings after the death of their father.  Charles vowed "When I grow up I'm going to take care of you, and I'm going to take care of other widows, and orphans too."

In 1908 Mr. Page took over a failing orphanage and moved the children to his new townsite west of Tulsa.  The city of Sand Springs was built around his Children's Home, and all of the proceeds of the development of the city were used to create the charitable programs of the Sand Springs Home.  The Sand Springs Home Trust continues to fund 100% of it's charities without the help of state or federal funding.  


The Home TodayCharles Page with children in original dorm.

Sand Springs Home continues to be a major contributor to the city of Sand Springs.  The children from the Home and the Family Village attend school and church in the community, and the Trustees are involved in a variety of boards and organizations in the city.



Sand Springs Home continues to operate two charities.  The Children's Home and the Charles Page Family Village.  The Children's Home is a DHS licensed residential care home for as many as 20 children ages 6-18 who can not live in their homes due to family problems.  The Family Village is a housing program for single mothers who have at least two children.  The Family Village can house has as many as 108 families in duplex-style housing.